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Intention matters!

          Wisdom Stones are powerful tools to help you focus your intention on what matters most.  In the busyness of our hectic lives and near-frantic daily routines, the things that matter most are often forgotten, and our lives, our relationships and our world pay a price for it. Thatís why I created Wisdom Stones - as touchstones to what matters most

     Each set of Wisdom Stones has its own theme, and all the stones can be used in the same way.  Drawn randomly, or deliberately because we know what we want to focus on, a Wisdom Stone carried throughout the day and touched often, inside a pocket or a purse, or in a pouch under or over clothing, can help us to remember and practice what matters most.  If we do this regularly, our lives, our relationships, our homes, our work environments and our communities will be ever so gently and clearly transformed.  By daily bringing our attention and intention to what matters most, we cannot help but to become brighter lights and quiet sources of love, peace, faith, hope, joy and healing in our world.



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Wisdom Stones Touchstones to what matters most
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LoveStones St. Paul 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 written in stone

     Every stone began as clay in my hands, formed with focused intention and inscribed as a meditation.  Then molds were made from the originals, and the stones were cast from crushed marble powder and resin.  It was important to me that, although they are manufactured so that they can be more widely available, they contain the same earth element as natural stone.

    Each set has a different look and feel, depending on what the theme is.  WomanStones were actually first, and I wanted something soft and curvy and even sensuous to the touch. I wanted them to look and feel celebratory, strong, tender, playful... the whole spectrum!  So the colors are, for me, like the many colored spectrum, the jewels in the necklace, of women's experience. For LoveStones, I wanted something that felt pure, lovely and even elegant, thinking in particular about weddings.  So they are smooth and white, like polished marble, and imprinted with more formal lettering.  For the PeaceStones, thinking about the simplicity of St. Francis, I wanted something more earthy and really rock-like.  For more about each set of Wisdom Stones, check out their individual pages!  For an idea about how to use Wisdom Stones click here. 






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Thank you for your interest in Wisdom Stones ~

May love, peace and healing surround you.  

May you be an instrument for love, peace and healing. 
May your highest intentions manifest with ease and grace

May you be happy and may your joy flow
 like the radiant light of the sun to all whom you encounter

With love,

Janet F. Nuria Quinn,
Artist/Creator, Wisdom Stones
Director, HaelanWorks, Products and Services for Whole Person Healing









WomanStones - Touchstones and cards of Healing and Affirmation for Women and women's empowerment
PeacStones - St. Francis of Assisi Peace Prayer written in stone





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